Amino is in the house

U.K.-based set-top technology vendor Amino Communications will be at TelcoTV 2008, making its first trip to the conference since acquiring digital proposition management provider and one-time BT division AssetHouse.
Amino plans to demonstrate high-definition H.264 IPTV set-top boxes, including the AmiNET530 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the AmiNET130. The company also will be presenting its Plug-In DVR capability, designed for easier installation and upgrades to existing set-top boxes. Additionally, Amino will be ready to discuss the transition of telco TV providers to support over-the-top online video.
New Amino CEO Andrew Burke will be at TelcoTV 2008, and he said of the AssetHouse buy, "The acquisition of AssetHouse has been key for us to move forward in becoming an IPTV solutions provider and not just a STB manufacturer. As the industry moves towards true interactivity and true personalization, we need to ensure that IPTV and pay television services make consumers ‘want it, like it, keep it and ultimately pay for it.'"
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