Analyst forecasts AT&T IPTV slowdown

UBS analyst John Hodulik last week estimated in a research note that AT&T's U-verse IPTV service could pass between 4 million and 5 million additional homes this year. That sounds impressive, but it is actually far fewer homes than the 9 million passed in 2008. GigaOM first reported the research note statement and AT&T's response last week. That response wasn't much of a response at all, but more of an acknowledgment that the company is managing everything, U-verse included, conservatively these days amid the current economic troubles.

AT&T also reiterated the statement, first made in January of this year, that it was changing its long-term U-verse goal to 30 million living units passed by 2011, rather than the previous goal of 2010. At the beginning of this year, AT&T said it had passed a total of 17 million living units.

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