Analyst: Net neutrality a socialist principle at work

Net neutrality is akin to a "heavily Marxist-influenced student protest from 1968," claims Anton Walhman, a Wall Street power broker in a written contribution to The Street. "It's all about keeping private property in name only, while regulating the product so it can only be provided a way defined by the government."

Wahlman's editorial piece mixes and matches that 1968 protest, which likely was anti-government, and the current government's move to "lightly regulate" the Internet and comes to the conclusion that "net neutrality legislation will only serve to disincentivize investment" and that, in turn, will slow things down.

"If the government will punish you for making an investment, you're not going to do it. Enacting net neutrality legislation is simply one big discouragement of investment," he concluded.

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