Android as good as iPhone for Cox's mobile wireless service

> When (OK, not if) Cox Communications rolls out its mobile wireless service, it will do so to phones that use Google's Android platform, executive VPO and product officer Dallas Clement said during a panel session at The Cable Show, calling the Android a "compelling alternative" to Apple's uber-popular iPhone. Story.

> A mobile phone or any device with WiFi and a touchpad can revamp cable's user interface by minimizing the number of devices consumers use to control their TV experience, Brad Vale, business development vice president of Zelfy said during a panel session at The Cable Show. Story.

> A MediaPost TVWatch blog purports to tell the world "what Comcast really needs from NBC Universal." Story.

> Cable loves TV Everywhere--at least execs are saying so--but programmers might be having second or third thoughts and consumer groups are even more angst-ridden. Story.

And finally ... Cable competitor RCN is offering a TiVo DVR to Washington, D.C. subscribers. The price is steep, though, since RCN's TiVo model rents for $19.95 a month and requires cable TV and Internet services. Story.