Android TV set-top arrives without Google backing

As if the over-the-top waters aren't muddy enough, a new Android TV device that apparently has nothing to do with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), is ready to step onto the center stage.

Manufactured by Chinese electronics firm Geniatech, the Android TV set-top is a Google product only by the fact that it uses the Android name. "It's not clear what role Google had with the development of Android TV, but we're guessing it wasn't significant--it's likely that Google wasn't aware of Android TV at all," a story in WirelessGoodness said, adding that the new set-top "further confuses Google's living room strategy, particularly Google TV."

If it's not Google TV, what is it? The article said the box connects to the residential LAN via WiFi or Ethernet and offers digital TV, Internet TV, Web browsing, a music/picture player, instant messaging and SMS applications. While there is no timing on its release, it has gone through FCC review.

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