Another box? Well, yeah, but it's loaded with TiVo software

Just what the telecommunications space needs, another box. But that's exactly what TiVo and Technicolor--the company formerly known as Thompson--are proposing. The two vendors have linked up in a deal where Technicolor will invest in and develop a TiVo-read HD DVR for operators who license TiVo software.

A news release issued by TiVo said that Technicolor will port TiVo's software to its "latest state-of-the-art DSI803 hardware platform" so operators can benefit from provisioning DVRs optimized with TiVo's software. This is also expected to "help accelerate deployment of Technicolor set-top boxes fueled with TiVo's software for TV operators around the world."

According to Frederic Kurkjian, senior vice president of Technicolor's satellite and cable STB business unit, "operators were looking to Technicolor to help address ... the need to deploy advanced television solutions that are cost-efficient and ready for rapid deployment."

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