Another day in retrans: Fox threatens to sue, Dolan writes Genachowski

The retransmission soap opera between News Corp.'s (Nasdaq: NWSA) Fox Networks and Cablevision Systems (NYSE: CVC) entered another day of impasse with Fox threatening legal action and bringing Internet access into play while it kept the opening of the World Series out of play--at least via Fox broadcast stations blacked out to Cablevision's three million or so subscribers.

Fox has withheld its broadcast stations since Oct. 16. Now it's pushing the idea of a suit over what it says are Cablevision's false claims (the MSO has been saying Fox is dealing in "bad faith"). Fox also alleged that the New York metro service provider has been directing its customers to websites where they can find Fox shows.

Of course Cablevision hasn't been quiet, either. The company's PR machine--working industriously on this matter--sent a copy of a letter from President-CEO James Dolan to FCC Chair Julius Genachowski seeking the Commission's help in setting mediation to "resolve this matter and bring the World Series to over three million New York, New Jersey and Connecticut homes." Dolan said he would drop everything to be in the chairman's office "to meet with News Corp.'s (President-COOand Deputy Chairman) Chase Carey should you call a meeting."

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