Anything goes for cable shows; Fact of Fiction: Blu-ray better than HD Cable?

> Cable TV is a democratic place; there's just room for everything. Take for instance reports that former Philadelphia Eagles teammates Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens, the Abbott and Costello of football, will be teaming up on a cable TV show where they'll play basketball. Story.

> Cable TV feed quality may have gotten a little break in the story "Fact or Fiction? 8 HDTV Myths Demystified." One of the 'myths' discusses HD quality including the notion that "a Blu-ray disc should look better than a cable TV feed of the same content at the same resolution since the disc has more bandwidth than the cable broadcast." Story.

> Mike Fries, president and CEO of Liberty Global has joined the board of directors of Smashburger, a Denver foodie-centric joint that claims it's the country's fastest growing "better burger" restaurant company. News release.