AOL launches 'self-serve' programmatic TV buying platform

AOL is trying to extend its reach into the $74 billion U.S. TV advertising market by offering what it calls a "self-serve" tool for programmatic ad purchasing.

AOL's industry-leadership position in programmatic ad delivery was a major reason why Verizon purchased the company for $4.4 billion last year. And AOL's ad tech has been major part of the launch of Verizon's mobile video service, Go90. 

AOL announced its first programmatic TV offering in 2014, allowing brands to buy TV ads through its web-based system called ONE by AOL. The company is now adding a self-service module that goes beyond merely offering data and insight, and makes the act of ad purchasing truly automated (i.e. programmatic).

"Traditionally, TV has been purchased in silos and with broad demographics that lack the necessary targeting to drive deep relevancy,"  said Dan Ackerman, senior VP of programmatic TV at AOL. "Today, we are maximizing the power of AOL's patented first-party predictive targeting tools and putting insights and analytics directly in the hands of our buyers. Coupled with our end-to-end ONE by AOL platform, we are now able to offer advertisers a more holistic approach to campaigns across TV, mobile, and video."

With the upfront ad market about to kick into high gear for broadcast and cable networks, AOL said it's already in talks with several channels about using its tools. 

"This provides our clients the opportunity to begin to realize the benefits of advanced targeting in linear TV," said John Swift, CEO of North America investment at Omnicom Media Group. "It is a critical first step in our journey towards programmatic and, ultimately, household level addressability at scale in TV."

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