Apple, Amazon venture into HD

As telcos, cable TV companies and satellite TV firms wage their own war over who has the most high-definition TV programming, a couple of "A" list companies are further penetrating the market. Apple and Amazon are both separately pursuing efforts to beef up their respective HD programming offerings.

Apple's iTunes store augmented its stock of HDTV shows to now include HD movies to rent for $4.99, or to own for $19.99. Meanwhile, media outlets such as NewTeeVee and Zatz Not Funny are reporting evidence that Amazon is about to make HD offerings available through its video-on-demand service.

The online streaming service already have been observed out of the corner of one eye by more traditional TV network operators, though it is doubtful that most considered Apple, Amazon, Netflix and other to be their competitors. Will the HD push change things? A post at FierceOnlineVideo suggests the new guys have some work to do on service reliability.

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