Apple, Google relations starting to thaw

In a world where new alliances between former enemies can threaten incumbents, the telecommunications space must be closely watching recent signs that the frosty relationship between Apple and Google is warming, perhaps even heating up. The companies' CEOs, Steve Jobs (Apple) and Eric Schmidt (Google) actually cozied up for a photo op last week and now word is the two are apparently in collaborative talks.

"I'd be shocked if they weren't talking," Maribel Lopez, founder and principal analyst at Lopez Research said in an interview with MacNewsWorld. "It was inevitable that they would compete but the question is, can they cooperate enough to make other contenders insignificant?"

The bigger question, as far as this audience is concerned, is whether they'll be collaborating on cell phones, where the iPhone and Android are fighting tooth and nail or in television, where both Google and Apple are serving up ideas that could compete with existing cable TV operations.

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