Apple reportedly looking for films, TV shows to fill its iCloud

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is reportedly looking to fill its iCloud with movies and TV--which sounds an awful lot like Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), Hulu, Google TV (Nasdaq: GOOG) and ... Apple TV.

The iCloud, introduced with minimal fanfare on the company's website, is expected by many to be a music service akin to ones Amazon and Google have introduced into the cloud. At the hardware level, iCloud is expected to allow users to access music, photos and videos from the Internet cloud using Apple devices without needing to sync those devices.

Some, however, believe the iCloud will be used for more than just storing music and home videos. CNET quoted "sources close to the negotiations" as saying that Apple execs have stepped up attempts to "convince some of the major Hollywood film studios to issue licenses that would enable Apple to store its customers' movies on the company's servers." Those servers could, if one follows the dots, be called the iCloud.

The CNET report also delves into the relationship Apple would need to nurture with Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) (a big believer in cloud storage) and HBO (a big believer in product exclusivity).

For more:
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- and CNET has this story

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