Apple seeking engineer for standalone display and television project

More fuel for the "Apple is getting into the TV business" fire, the computer maker this week posted a listing in its jobs sections for an "AC/DC power supply design engineer" who would "work on the forefront of new power management designs and technologies ... for Apple's next generation Macintosh platforms spanning from notebook computers, desktop computers, servers, standalone displays and TV."

Apple has routinely described its interest in television--specifically the Apple TV set-top box--as "a hobby," but the fact that its job listing specifically mentions TVs as well as standalone display might indicate it has its eyes on a consumer electronics segment that is projected to boom in the next five years, connected TVs.

The company, which thrives on the elegance of design, would likely be more comfortable selling an all-in-one connected TV that includes the functionality of the Apple TV device and easier access to the iTunes Store than it would separate components, not to mention the heftier price tag a top-of-the-line Internet TV would carry.

There's also Apple's corporate ego to consider... when it rolled out its new Apple TV device last fall, it was roundly criticized for not being capable of supporting HD video. That goes away with an Apple television.

Analysts have been predicting Apple would jump into the TV set business for more than a year and say a connected TV set could earn up to $6 billion for Apple by 2014.

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