Apple tells some customers of possible Apple TV delivery delay

Looks like Apple's revamped TV--which was expected to start shipping this month--is on hold, for the moment, with customers who ordered the device with expedited shipping getting emails from Apple saying refunds for the premium shipping would be going out instead "due to a delay" that may cause Apple to be unable to meet its delivery commitment.

So, the question: Is it simply a matter of too many orders and too few devices being manufactured? Or are there-gasp!--bugs in the device.

No news from Cupertino, home of all things Apple, yet, but it is worth noting that Apple did the same with some customers last April when it rolled out the iPad... at that time, it simply was a matter of demand outstripping supply.

The new Apple TV, which the company introduced Sept. 1, is set to replace its original product that has seen little market traction. The new device is smaller, half the price and is designed to simplify streaming of video to TV sets. It's coming pre-loaded with Netflix and has no storage.

Apple TV is expected to be a hot-seller this holiday season as it goes head-to-head with Google TV, which also is shipping soon, and with devices like Roku and the Boxee Box, which also is taking pre-orders.

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