Apple TV price is wrong; Samsung 3DTV price is just right

Apple TV's 99 cent iTune VoD pricing is too cheap so Warner Bros. is passing up on an opportunity to be part of the landmark deal, said chief executive Barry Meyer. "We just don't think the value proposition is a good one for us," he said.

On the other hand, a $989 50-inch 3DTV (with glasses even) is a great deal that might jumpstart the fledgling multidimensional viewing experience, says Edward Border, writing for Screen Digest.

"As 3DTV prices come more into line with those of regular TVs, 3D will become a standard feature of mid-tier TV sets, much like HD is today, and will begin to penetrate a considerable percentage of households," Border suggests. At the same time, Borders also bought into arguments by service providers that 3DTV is a "niche" service "which provides extra value for special events."

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