Are you offering IPTV?

It's an interesting time to be a service provider presented with the potential to offer TV services. There are many options for how to do it, and IPTV is just one. We have wondered in the past if IPTV eventually might displace the satellite TV partnerships that some telcos have in place, or if broadband over-the-top offers might prove an alternative to IPTV for some providers. It doesn't appear right now that either trend will be dominant--some telcos may use a combination of those platforms or perhaps all three.

What we would like to know from our readership is what kind of TV platform you are offering or will soon offer. Do you have plans for IPTV, or a satellite TV or OTT offering? Take our new poll on our homepage and let us know your view. We have a few dozen responses already, and we'll check back soon to update you on our poll results.

So far, 77 percent of respondents (as of Tuesday morning) said they already offer IPTV or plan to do so in the next six to 12 months. Perhaps, the increasing interest may have something to do with the lowering cost of deploying IPTV solutions. Take the poll and also feel free to attach a comment to this post telling us why your company is or is not pursuing an IPTV offering.