Arkansas Gov. Huckabee tweets his ultimate insult: ‘I'd rather have Obama back as President than have Comcast’

Taking to the preferred transom of the conservative ruling class, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee tweeted his dissatisfaction with Comcast on Monday morning.

His state is nearly $17 billion in debt, and the State Assembly has just declared the local use of pornography to be a “public health crisis,” but dissatisfaction with bundled triple-play services apparently weighed most heavily on the mind of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on Monday morning.

Taking to the preferred transom of the conservative ruling class, Huckabee tweeted, “Is @comcast the United AL version of cable/internet/phone? Has anyone else had DEPLORABLE dealings with @comcast? #tincans&string.”

Next, with U.S. relations with North Korea now playing out, as terrifyingly described by The New York Times, as a “slow-motion Cuban Missile Crisis,” Huckabee followed up with, “@comcast is now operated by the N. Korean missile launch team. Epic failure!”

He kept going: “@comcast customer service? Faster than cold molasses pouring out of pinhole; makes gov't look efficient; as fun to deal with as root canal.”

Finally, after also comparing Comcast to organized crime, Huckabee wrapped up the Twitter salvo with what is perhaps a conservative lawmakers ultimate denigration: “How bad is @comcast service? I'd rather have Obama back as President than have Comcast.”

Six minutes after Huckabees’ final tweet, the “ComcastCares” social media team sprung into action, tweeting, “@GovMikeHuckabee I'd be happy to assist with your account concerns. Please send me a DM with your address or phone # to get started. - SL”

Five hours later, Huckabee's service issues—which were not specifically defined—were addressed. 

The governor took one last shot: “@comcast came late today-fixed the stuff-thanks! They made appt 3 wks ago and didn't show and didn't care...until the "Twit" hit the fan!”


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