Arqiva acquires Project Kangaroo

The technology assets of Project Kangaroo, a U.K. joint venture involving BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4 whose mission had been likened to that of Hulu in the U.S. market, have been sold to broadcast firm Arqiva. The buyer is aiming to use the platform assets to create a new video-on-demand content venture to launch later this year.

Project Kangaroo was near launch earlier this year, but the U.K.'s Competition Commission validated criticism from telco BT and others who charged that the venture was anti-competitive. France Telecom's Orange was at one point mentioned as a potential bidder for the Kangaroo assets, but the publication C21 Media reported two months ago that Orange withdrew itself from bidding and that Arqiva was the only other apparent buyer candidate.

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- C21 Media has this report

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