ASSIA unveils 100 Mbps vectoring management product

Dynamic spectrum management (DSM) software tools provider ASSIA has introduced a DSL network management system that it said can manage simultaneously vectored and non-vectored lines "to deliver the fastest possible speeds and to achieve the highest return on investment in meeting consumer demand for high-bandwidth services." The product is expected to help fuel the surge of vectored VDSL as a method to deliver higher broadband speeds over existing copper networks.

The California-based vendor said its Expresse 3.1 product is designed to remediate the expense of converting entire DSL nodes to vectoring by allowing "seamless and cost-effective transition to vectoring so that vectored and non-vectored lines realize the most benefit."

For providers wanting to deliver high-bandwidth services like IPTV, that means DSL speeds can jump to 100 Mbps or higher, and the broadband networks can be implemented incrementally, the company said in a news release.

"ASSIA has solved the very difficult problem of enabling service providers to upgrade selectively from ADSL/VDSL to vectored VDSL while managing both networks," Teresa Mastrangelo, principal analyst at Broadbandtrends, said in the news release. "Before the release of ASSIA DSL Expresse 3.1, some industry observers believed that all lines in the same binder would need to upgrade simultaneously to vectored VDSL to achieve desired performance gains."

Vectored VDSL, in addition to enabling the higher bandwidth speeds, also introduces network complexities such as unmasking new crosstalk interference that the new technology addresses, the ASSIA news release said.

Most importantly, by overcoming new issues related to broadband speeds, the technology allows service providers to continue to use existing copper plant--on a selective basis--to deliver next-generation broadband services, the company said.

"DSL Expresse 3.1 supports the broad conversion to vectored VDSL currently underway worldwide and helps service providers realize higher margins from new high-speed services over existing copper lines," said John Cioffi, ASSIA's chairman-CEO, in the news release.

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