AT&T, Akimbo offer VOD over DSL

AT&T has announced a content deal with start-up Akimbo Systems, in which the content provider will offer 10,000 television on-demand programs and movies to AT&T's Homezone customers. San Mateo, CA-based Akimbo assembles on-demand content from 165 different programming owners, varying from the BBC to the History Channel. This agreement comes on the heels of another significant AT&T content deal, in which online movie service Movielink agreed to offer Homezone users more than 1,000 on-demand films.

Homezone is AT&T's interim video offering for DSL users, in place until the company is able to offer IPTV service over its "Lightspeed" fiber-optic network. AT&T has been selling EchoStar's satellite service since 2004, but Homezone, expected to be launched this summer in 13 states, will offer consumers a new set-top box that gets satellite TV programming from Dish Network. The new service will also connect to a DSL line to offer Internet-based services from providers like Akimbo.

For more on the AT&T-Akimbo:
- read this article
- check out this Wall Street Journal article (sub. req.)

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