AT&T announces new U-Verse TV apps

AT&T announced a new series of U-verse TV applications seemingly aimed at helping users to better navigate, organize and share an increasing amount of video content. One notable app is Multiview, a modern twist on picture-in-picture that allows a viewer to watch four different channels at the same time and control which channel presents the main video and audio. There are also single Multiview channels targeted at specific content, such as a Sports Multiview, News Multiview and Kids Multiview.

Another app, TV Awards and New Shows, helps viewers track and find content that has been nominated for awards, or is set to make its seasonal premiere. A third app, Media Share, enables photo and music streaming from a PC on a viewer's AT&T home network to U-verse TV screens in the same household.

Some aspects of these applications may not exactly seem ground-breaking, but it's good nonetheless to see the big telcos boosting their TV services features. It seems like a sign that telco TV in the U.S. has moved to a more mature phase.

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- Here's the AT&T press release

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