AT&T expects to reach 10M U-verse subs this year

As almost an afterthought in a press release detailing its Alltel acquisition, AT&T (NYSE: T) predicted that it will reach 10 million total U-verse subscribers by the end of the third quarter of 2013.

In press release updating third quarter forecasts, the carrier said that its aggressive investment in Project VIP will lead to the strong U-verse sales even as wireline revenue growth for the third quarter will be "consistent with second quarter 2013" and the overall wireline business will continue to experience "economic pressure on legacy services and overall wireline business revenue growth."

In a separate announcement, AT&T also said that it was launching its broadband-enabled Digital Life service in Charlotte, N.C., Hartford, Conn., Jacksonville, Fla., Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla.

Digital Life, the carrier said, allows customers to "use their existing home broadband provider and any wireless phone service (to) enjoy the security and convenience of a home management system with the flexibility to meet their unique needs."

Digital Life includes two base plans: simple security or smart security with prices appropriate for the levels of service provided by each. The service allows the carrier to reach outside its normal operating areas to customers served by other broadband providers.

"AT&T remains committed to providing our customers with east, fast and affordable ways that allows them to manage and secure their homes all from the touch of their smartphones, tablets and PCs," Kevin Petersen, president of Digital Life said in a press release.

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