AT&T formally launches online TV portal

AT&T officially launched its AT&T Entertainment online TV and video site last Friday, several days after NewTeeVee first reported that the telco giant appeared to be soft-launching the site. So, its it a portal or a Web site? It may be both (and a floor wax), though it appears to be more of a portal than a free-standing site for now. It is offering content from several major TV networks and cable channels, though several reports have noted that much of the content is actually being piped through the AT&T site via Hulu, and in some cases, uses the Hulu player design (InformationWeek notes that this is because of a licensing agreement).

AT&T also is allowing its U-Verse TV customers to control their DVRs through the site, and the telco has promised more content to come. The announcement comes as other service providers--mostly cable TV companies, but also Verizon Communications--are preparing for TV Everywhere online TV launches.

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- InformationWeek has this story

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