AT&T officially announces HDTV

It's an open secret that the telcos need to offer HD content to compete with cable and satellite providers, so this week's announcement that AT&T will do just that comes as no surprise. New AT&T customers can receive two months of free HD content before having to pay $10 a month for the service. The announcement also includes advanced DVR functionality, whereby a subscriber can record up to four programs simultaneously and use a mobile phone as a remote control for the DVR. AT&T also announced new set-top boxes from Motorola that enable the functionality and some "one-click" maneuvering as well. The mobile functionality and HD in general are "nice-to-have" and necessary, respectively, but the simultaneous recording of shows is a feature I haven't yet seen in the U.S. marketplace. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a serious competitive differentiator and a step away from the "me-too" offerings.

For more on AT&T's HD and DVR announcement:
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ALSO: NBC Universal signed a huge content deal with AT&T that includes some HD content. Article

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