AT&T Q2 TV gain: 248,000 subs

(Updated with comments from the earnings call)

AT&T, as part of its second quarter 2009 earnings report, announced a gain of 248,000 U-verse TV customers during the quarter. That figure is lower than the 284,000 TV customers added during the first quarter of this year, but is much higher than the 170,000 TV subscribers added in the second quarter of 2008. Annually, the second quarter is usually a time of softened consumer spending overall, though AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said on this morning's earnings call that the company was "pleasantly surprised" by somewhat higher than expected consumer spending udring the most recent quarter.

AT&T's total IPTV susbcriber tally is now about 1.6 million. Stephenson added that "two-thirds of U-verse customers also are buying U-verse voice," the telco's residential VoIP offering. Also, more than 75 percent of U-verse subscribers have triple-play or quad-play packages, he said.

Another notable figure mention on the call: 13.8 percent. The market penetration AT&T has achieved with its video offerings, counting both U-verse and DirecTV satellite resale.

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