AT&T takes GigaPower to the heart of Silicon Valley; broadcast nets could see 7% ratings erosion this fall

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> Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep Mike Doyle (D-Penn.) issued a statement Tuesday urging FCC chairman Tom Wheeler to remove roadblocks to community broadband. Story

> AT&T said Tuesday that it plans to bring its GigaPower fiber Internet service to Cupertino, Calif., the Silicon Valley home of Apple. Story

> Steve Ballmer, who departed as Microsoft chief executive in February, has announced that he's also quitting the company's board. Story

> Turner Broadcasting CEO John Martin sent a memo to staff Tuesday informing them that the company will initiate layoffs in the coming two months as part of its new "Turner 2020" restructuring. Story

> CenturyLink is establishing a new private cloud option across 57 data centers that exactly mirrors its public cloud. Story

>  Broadcast network TV ratings erosion could spike as high as 7 percent during the upcoming 2014-15 TV season, according to prominent senior media agency executive Rino Scanzoni. Story

And finally …  The National Football League is now demanding that musical artists pay to play its Super Bowl halftime show. Story

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