AT&T unveils 'beyond TV' U-verse initiatives

AT&T (NYSE: T) plans to expand the number and types of services it offers across its IP-based U-verse network to "disrupt" the models of new market segments, company executives said during a consumer industry analyst conference held recently in Atlanta and reported by Telecompetitor.

Primary among the applications--either available now or planned for the future--were a number of second screen plays that leverage the capabilities of the IP network and strengthen customer loyalty.

"Although they didn't give specifics, AT&T representative attested that the interactive apps have significantly reduced churn," the story reported.

The story said the carrier plans to add "'lots' of new U-verse TV and U-verse-enabled apps over the next 12 months and that period should give AT&T enough experience to determine just how much churn reduction or added ARPU can be attributed to second screen apps and interactive TV."

The analysts were given demonstrations of existing U-verse apps such as the connection with Facebook and the Easy Remote for hearing and visually impaired subscribers, along with a second screen user interface for Packet Video's Tony Beam service that opens access to over-the-top video content without the need for a second screen video device. Another proof-of-concept application, developed by AT&T Labs, enables multiple second screen users to simultaneously interact with a TV.

"AT&T Labs is also experimenting with apps that might enable people to play videos and view photos residing on their smartphones or tablets on the TV. And in reverse to Twonky Beam, AT&T Labs is also looking at ways that U-verse can mediate the process of moving personal content residing on the home severs and PCs through in-home wireless to mobile devices," the story said.

None of those concepts, the story added, will become products any time soon, but "they certainly provide a look into the possibilities."

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