ATIS IPTV effort produces new standard

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions has unveiled the latest standard to emerge from the ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum. That standard, loquaciously titled, "Network Attachment and Initialization of Devices and Client Discovery of IPTV Services" (ATIS-0800017), specifies fundamental steps for how consumer devices are prepared to receive and carry IPTV services.

Those fundamentals, according to an ATIS press release, begin with "initialization and attachment phases for the Delivery (home) Network Gateway (DNG) and the IPTV Terminal Function (ITF), which includes the set top box. Comprehensively, it covers network attachment, service provider discovery, service provider attachment and services discovery procedures." These processes essentially give the consumer's system greater awareness of service provider, service and connection options, with the long-term goal of enabling interoperability and simplifying the consumer's IPTV experience, ATIS said.

The group soon expects to specify how to access linear TV services through an IP managed service. The ATIS 0800017 standard is available through the ATIS Document Center.

For more:
- see this ATIS press release

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