ATIS joins home networking fray

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, a U.S. standards group whose efforts traditionally carry much weight with service providers, has joined the home networking standardization effort by announcing a new working group. The home networking space is an environment that the group itself acknowledges is crowded with efforts from many different agencies coming at the issue from different perspectives. However, the new ATIS Home Networking Forum will aim to put the interests of carrier front and center, and present itself as an umbrella group helping to bring organization to all the different efforts.

Thus far, multiple industry forums have tended to tout their own favored approaches, at least where the issue of in-home wiring is concerned, though recently the International Telecommunications Union and the HomeGrid Forum have attempted to help establish a common wiring standard. But, wiring technologies are not the only home networking issues in play, and at first glance, it looks like the ATIS group will work more broadly on issues such as security, quality of service, energy efficiency, gaps between various existing standards and other angles.

In any case, with the three largest U.S. telcos-AT&T, Verizon Communications and Qwest Communications-on board as members, the ATIS effort already has some gravitas.

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