ATIS releases high level IPTV architecture standards

The ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF) has released a document detailing the standards an inter-operable IPTV architecture will include. Work on the specifications for each one is now under way. Here's a quick rundown of the architecture's components.

  • Linear/broadcast TV service: Regular old television services.
  • Consumer-domain initialization and attachment: The set of activities that prepare consumer electronic devices to receive and consume IPTV services.
  • Media protocols: Protocols for audio and video media delivery over a private IP network.
  • Remote management of devices in the consumer domain: Access agnostic, secure and reliable mechanism to configure, monitor, and manage the devices in the consumer domain, including software download/upgrade.
  • An Emergency Alert System (EAS) for IPTV: Mechanisms that deliver EAS messages not only via linear channels, but via live and recorded TV viewing, game playing, Internet streaming, sourced content and IPTV client menu activities, enabling emergency alerts to any person using the IPTV service, regardless of what they are doing with it.

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