Australia readies 3D TV trial; sets called too expensive still

> Singapore isn't the only island getting 3D TV. Harris is equipping Nine Network and SBS with 3D TV broadcast equipment as they trial the service on the island-country-continent of Australia. Story.

> Even if you live in Singapore, Australia or even Great Britain (notice the tie-in to all the items in today's news) you probably shouldn't be rushing out to buy a new 3D TV set. "You might be wise to sit on your hands for a while longer because you'll save a few hundred dollars and get more equipment at the checkout line to show for your patience," Pete Putnam writes in HDTV Magazine. Story.

> A couple of U.S. senators, John Kerry of Massachusetts and Olympia Snow, of Maine, think they know where the FCC can find some broadband spectrum to give to wireless providers: the space between TV station signals--aka white spaces. The pair has encouraged the FCC to finish up its white spaces proceedings and start to doling out the spectrum. Story.

> The Multimedia over Coax Alliance, colloquially known as MoCA, has issued its next generation specification, colloquially known as MoCA 2.0 with basic and enhanced performance modes of 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps. News release.

And finally... One last island story. Telecom Cook Islands will use O3b Networks technology to provision 155 megabits of bandwidth for Internet connectivity to about 15,000 residents and 100,000 annual visitors on the Cook Islands. News release.