Avail-TVN picks VidScale's MediaWarp to power TV Everywhere play

Startup VidScale, which has seen early success in the APAC region, today announced it has been chosen by Avail-TVN as part of its TV Everywhere play, AnyView.

Avail-TVN offers Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators a white label, multi-screen video solution, which enhances traditional video-on-demand and linear television experience for end-user customers using IP-connected devices, including PCs and Macs, and for mobile consumer electronics, such as Apple iOS, Roku and Android devices.

VidScale, which was started by a handful of alum from Blackwave after that company was acquired by Juniper Network's (Nasdaq: JNPR) in 2010, says its MediaWarp software delivers content more efficiently and optimizes bandwidth better than other solutions on the market.

The hardware-agnostic software allows content owners, telcos and cable companies to build their own cost-effective CDNs, using off-the-shelf Linux-based servers to deliver VOD and OTT content.

"No one else can do that on one server," said Ram Krishnan, VP of strategy and development. And, he said, because the software has a small footprint, "we can run alongside other applications in other people's hardware."

That saves power and reduces hardware footprints.

As video becomes even more prevalent, said CMO and VP of sales Adam Rizika, service providers are going to look for more efficient solutions, and they're going to need them quickly. The company guarantees it can integrate its software into an existing network in a month or less.

"Service providers are going to need to address both managed and unmanaged video traffic," said Krishnan. "And they don't want to have to support two separate networks to do that. With MediaWarp, you don't need two networks. That's what makes us different, we have a unified network that handles both."

VidScale said their software allows an operator to scale easily as their own video offerings to consumers scale.

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