Babelgum chief jumps

Erik Lumer, co-founder and CEO of Babelgum, has left Internet TV distributor for the top job at RawFlow, another peer-to-peer TV platform, based in London. Lumer will be in charge of setting up the launch of RawFlow's Selfcast.  

Babelgum, based in Dublin, Ireland, was rolled out in June. Lumer passed the chief executive torch to Valerio Zingarelli in July to focus on product development. RawFlow is backed by Benchmark Capital, while Italian investor Silvio Scaglia is behind Babelgum.

The frenzy to be the next YouTube continues for no discernible reason whatsoever. There are only so many eyeballs and so many hours in a day. Whatever the next YouTube is, it more than likely has nothing to do with push video as we know it. It probably has more to do with video application in real-time communications and social interaction, with an avatar overlay for the visage-challenged.

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