Bank fights Shaw acquisition; Cisco raises eyebrows with high-speed routing system

> Goldman Sachs has asked a Canadian appeals court to stop the sale of Canwest's television assets to Shaw Communications, calling the sale process "corrupt" and asking the courts to reconsider its own purchase proposal. Story.

> Also from the Great White North, the SCTE opened its Canadian Summit by selecting Arris' Moxi whole home media solution as "technology most likely to succeed." Story.

> In the U.S., Cisco raised some eyebrows with its new carrier routing system that it said would be able to carry 322 terabits per second (Tbps). In a moment of surprising candor, Cisco Chairman-CEO John Chambers did admit, "I know this is not that exciting to the average consumer right now." Story.

> In New Jersey, which, last we heard was still a part of the U.S., Wall Township public schools have switched their telecommunications allegiance from Verizon to Cablevision's Optimum Lightpath. News release.

> Capitalism in China. China Broadband said it has put in a bid to acquire Sinotop Group to provide "integrated value-added service solutions for the delivery of pay-per-view, video-on-demand and enhanced premium content for cable operators." Story.