BBC, Sony plan global broadcast of Wimbledon finals in 3D

The BBC is set to start serving up 3D content, working with Sony to present the finals of this year's Wimbledon tennis tournament in stereoscopic 3D. The Beeb said it plans to offer the content globally and to show it in movie theaters in the United Kingdom, just as CBS did with last year's NCAA Men's Basketball tournament final between Duke and Butler.

The offering is part of the BBC's ongoing plans to integrate more 3D programming into its schedule, with the U.K. public broadcaster saying in its latest strategy document that it would continue to "explore the opportunities [3D] offers programs and audiences" through limited trials without a major investment.

The broadcaster indicated it will wait until the technology becomes more standardized.

But more 3D programming shouldn't come at the expense of the initiative to make HD programming ubiquitous by 2012-13, the broadcaster said. "HD," it said, "should not continue to be a separate technology program," adding that the backbone infrastructure of the BBC would support HD contribution by then.

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