Belgacom IPTV still free with bundles

Belgian telco Belgacom has extended an offer it rolled out last month for free Belgacom TV service for customers signed up for the company's broadband/telephony/IPTV service bundles. The offering does require an activation fee. Offering IPTV free as part of a bundle is not a new idea, particularly in Europe, though Screen Digest last year did a fine report on what could be considered the extenuating costs to a service provider offering free IPTV, a service that often requires a technology investment that is anything but free.

About 82,000 subscribers signed up for Belgacom TV in the first half of this year, according to IPTV News, and the company had about 589,000 customers total at the end of that period. It appears Belgacom's IPTV take-rate is pretty healthy, so why keep giving it away?

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