BendBroadband deploys Evolution Digital's HD uDTAs

Evolution Digital, which has had some success selling universal digital terminal adapters (uDTAs) to cable TV carriers to help them manage and reclaim bandwidth, is announcing at The Independent Show in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., this week that Oregon's BendBroadband is the first U.S. service provider to deploy its new low-cost HD uDTAs.

Cable TV operators, particularly small independent players use uDTAs to reclaim bandwidth that can be used to support new services like HD channels. The HD movement may be very mature among the largest cable TV operators, but some smaller operators have only recently come under the pressure to launch more HD channels. An option like uDTAs can help, though a lower-cost uDTA will make it that much easier for the small operators to quick expand their HD offerings, particularly with bulk accounts like hotels and resorts.

Evolution's low-cost HD uDTA works with existing equipment from Cisco Systems of Motorola. The vendor also is supplying BendBroadband with self-installation kits to further quicken deployment, and RF remote control technology so that set-top box line-of-sight is not a requirement.

Evolution describes the HD uDTA is nearly as small as a smart phone and one-fifth the cost of HD set-top boxes two years ago.

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