Best seller? Full FCC report lays out conditions of Comcast-NBCU merger approval

The FCC has released 279 pages of spellbinding content mixed with intrigue and legal jargon that's bound to keep readers turning pages. The full order detailing the agency's blessing of the Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA)-NBC Universal marriage lays out the conditions the agency has imposed on the deal and statements explaining from each commissioner's vote.

Elsewhere in the never-ending Comcast news cycle, the MSO cum broadcaster is making news by supporting news. Comcast has said it will maintain and expand local news programming at the NBC-owned stations it acquires, enthralling local journalists who also are dancing in the streets over promises by new NBCU boss Steve Burke that the MSO will focus on fixing NBC's failing prime time lineup.

As might be expected, though, there's another group not exactly enthralled with the deal. The WGA East and West (Writers Guild of America) have issued separate statements of displeasure, calling the deal, among other things "anti-competitive and ... not in the public interest or the interests of our members."

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