Big differences in IPTV forecasts

Three research groups have predicted widely different take-up rates for IPTV. Most bullish is India-based RNCOS that says a surge in the Asian-Pacific zone will see IPTV subscribers reach 103 million in 2011. This contrasts with a report by Informa, Telecoms and Media late last year that forecast 38.4 million IPTV subscribers by 2011. At the same time, Research and Markets has predicted the global IPTV market will grow five times over the next four years to 80 million. This is more consistent with a report by the MRG group in November that predicted 72.6 million subscribers by 2011.

Research and Markets says the take-up rate is being driven by telco's marketing strategies where as RNCOS says the availability of good broadband infrastructure is the key impediment. It predicts a rapid take up in Asia once the infrastructure is in place because of the lack of cable television competition. None of the reports have factored in the impact, if any, of the recent surge in Internet video and the expected strong growth in Internet television over the next five years. The Diffusion group has predicted this market will be 160 million strong by 2012.

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