Boxee looks at subsidies to drop price tag of Boxee Box, level playing field with Roku, Apple TV

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen said the $200 price tag on the D-Link Boxee Box that the company rolled out last November was "way too Boxee Box price cut?expensive" to have much broad appeal, and said that the Internet TV device possibly could turn to subsidies to help seed the device among consumers.

But Ronen, interviewed for an episode of This Week in Startups, was careful to point out that no deals had yet been made. Ronen did say the device, for which no sales numbers have been released, is still evolving, with the company looking at was to use it with online games, and, possibly, as a DVR. But Ronen said development was going slowly because of limited resources. "We're a small team," he said.

Ronen, in November told FierceOnlineVideo that the price was a big concern for the company. "The fact that it costs $199 is a bummer," he says. "It would have been much better if it had cost $99." Apple TV and Roku both coast less than $100, but Romen contends Boxee Box offers more content options than either.

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