Britt: Streaming dulls Netflix's edge, while Time Warner Cable needs to sharpen video focus

Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) Chairman-CEO-President Glenn Britt is not impressed with Netflix's (Nasdaq: NFLX) migration to a streaming model. In fact, he told the Deutsche Bank Media & Telecom Conference, the over-the-top content provider has probably leveled its playing field advantage.

Noting that, among other things, "streaming stuff is not as cheap as their old model," Britt proclaimed, "I'm not sure there's a sustainable advantage over what the existing cable and satellite and phone companies can do." While Netflix had a "very clever" original model based on consumer demand and the PC as a conveyance, "as you migrate to steaming ... life changes," he said.

Aside from Netflix, Time Warner Cable has its own issues.

"It's not acceptable to me to continue to slowly lose video customers every year," Britt said. "That's been going on for too long. We need to really focus on (the video business) with renewed intensity."

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