Broadband revenue in Singapore to swing upward-once the national fiber network is done

A new national fiber network in Singapore will boost revenues across the communications sector to $5.1 billion, a report from Pyramid Research states. Broadband subscriber growth in the fixed line sectors including DSL, cable modem and fiber will be a principal driver in that growth.

"Singapore's pay-TV market also holds good growth prospects as it benefits from competition, convergence, and the new fiber network," notes Tae-Hyung Kim analyst at Pyramid Research.

Pay-TV already has a high household penetration level of 65 percent, and the report forecasts that will continue growing to 89 percent in the next five years. That's not to say there aren't obstacles standing in the way of this figure. New pay TV rules about compulsory licensing in Singapore have the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia growling.

Much hinges upon completion of the national fiber network, which will create that large base of broadband subscribers hungry for bandwidth. More subscribers will drive higher demand for VoIP and IPTV services, which Pyramid forecasts will grow at a CAGR of 41 percent for IPTV and 20.4 percent for VoIP.

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