Broadcast IPTV catching on in South Korea

Broadcast IPTV has stumbled at times in South Korea, but much like the country's push to become one of the top broadband markets in the world, the broadcast IPTV effort has received much support from the South Korean government. Now, local reports are saying that IPTV subscriber numbers in South Korea reached more than 706,000 late last month, with more than 111,400 people signing up during August alone.

The growth rate is now about 7,000 subscribers daily, higher than the 4,000 to 5,000 people who were signing up per day in July, according to the government. The government has an ambitious goal for 2 million broadcast IPTV subscribers by the end of this year, so it still has a ways to go to meet goals. But the current showing isn't bad, given that Korea Telecom had a dispute with national broadcasters last year that slowed its progress.

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