Broadcom introduces new line of HEVC set-top chips for DBS operators

Broadcom has introduced a series of eight HEVC-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices for hybrid satellite and terrestrial system set-tops.

"This is for direct broadcast satellite operators who would like to reach more customers but don't want to spend two billion dollars launching more satellites," said Joe Del Rio, associate product-line director for Broadcom, noting that operators will be able to use the High Efficiency Video Codec technology to nearly double the number of channels offered on their networks.

Broadcom says the HEVC codec reduces the amount of bandwidth required for video delivery by 50 percent. And although the technology was originally tied to the emergence of 4K when it was introduced in 2013, Del Rio says there are plenty of uses right now for standard 1080P HD, with companies such as DirecTV looking at significant subscriber gains across regions like Latin America.

Broadcom says its new family of devices also combines HEVC with the advanced modulation efficiencies of DVB-S2, DVB-T2, ISDB-T and ATSC, and high-performance IP connectivity with MoCA 2.0.

"The combination of satellite and terrestrial front-ends that this family offers now provides significant benefits to viewers who want the best channel and content selection available," added Rich Nelson, senior VP of Broadcom's Marketing, Broadband & Connectivity Group, in a statement. "We believe HEVC will continue to be a key driver for the delivery of high-quality content. Today's announcement demonstrates our commitment to our customers to proliferate HEVC broadly across our set-top box product family."

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