BT commits to Canvas-Vision mix

With its IPTV service BT Vision and its interest in the U.K. hybrid online TV Canvas Project, U.K. telco BT has been working both sides of the TV aisle, emblematic of how some carriers are not afraid of testing various theories about TV and video content delivery. Those who aren't pursuing multiple methods may fear the effect that free content could have on their profit-driven content businesses. However, at the IPTV World Forum this week, BT reiterated that it can continue to work on both Canvas and BT Vision without the former having disastrous effect on the latter.

The BT Vision IPTV service has struggled mightily, and competitors reportedly have looked to paint Canvas as the telco's attempt at a do-over, but BT executive Richard Young said at the show that BT will look to combine its efforts and aggregate free and fee-based content. Project Canvas, a joint venture from the BBC, BT and other firms, is due for BBC Trust final approval very soon, possibly within days.

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