BT exec defends IPTV progress

BT Vision chief Dan Marks, in an interview with London's Daily Telegraph, lashed out against criticism of the telco IPTV offering's pace of progress. BT Vision has about 350,000 U.K. customers after about two years, which is more than many initial cable TV offerings had after the same time period, but the pace of adoption has been slower than that of newer IPTV services in some other countries. It's possible Marks was responding to harsh accusations about the service's success, but with Tiscali shutting down its IPTV service in Italy, IPTV adoption numbers throughout the world are likely to be put under the microscope by industry observers.

Doubling the pressure for BT Vision is the fact that BT has experienced a tough year or so full of management shifts, restructuring and ongoing job cuts. Despite these troubles, Marks told the Telegraph that BT doesn't have any plans to cut its investment in BT Vision.

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