Busy body: FCC looks at Google TV set-top, VoIP outage reporting requirements

Not only is the FCC trying to determine if Comcast should be allowed to spend $30 billion or so to acquire NBC Universal and whether the American public would benefit from a broadband plan that includes more regulation, the agency has also looked at (and apparently approved) the Logitech Revue Google TV set-top and in now in the process of determining whether it should extend its outage reporting rules to broadband services, including VoIP.


The Commission has removed the Revue review from its list of to-do items according to a blog posting that says the "set-top box passed through the FCC, gaining sales approvals along the way."

The VoIP outage reporting is a little trickier and will take a little longer. The agency's Public Safety Bureau is "seeking to do its homework before the Commission initiates a rulemaking proceeding," according to Telecom Law Monitor, which further reported that the FCC's July 2 public notice "in many ways presumes that the outage reporting rules should apply and asks a number of questions about how they could apply and what changes might be necessary in light of the different technologies involved."

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