Cable content leads the way as Google teases Google TV

For now it looks as if Google TV (Nasdaq: GOOG) will be the cable channel watchers' over-the-top provider of choice. The giant search engine released a little teaser TV home screen that shows such content as CNN, HBO, CNBC and TNT mixed in with the expected Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) and YouTube. Missing from the mix--or at least the screen shot--are the likes of CBS, ABC and Fox Networks, which still seem reticent to throw their wares onto the over-the-top play.

While Google has enlisted some impressive hardware partners, not the least of which are Logitech and Sony, it could still face the problem of convincing content providers to support its screen of choice--either TV via the Internet or PC via the TV. There's also the question of who will gain--and how much will be gained--from advertising on the site and attached to the content.

Then there's the additional question of whether people will watch, no matter how friendly the service or how easy to access. A new study from ABI Research offers this contradictory conclusion: "While interest in connected devices is growing and consumers are clearly intrigued by alternative sources for video content, in 2010 only 13 percent said they would consider canceling their pay TV services and receiving video content just from the Internet, via over-the-air/terrestrial transmission and/or rentals."

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