Cable good, broadcast better in Q4 for Washington Post Co. (NYSE: WPO)

The Washington Post Co. (NYSE: WPO) fourth quarter cable business followed along the lines of other MSOs, with revenues barely increasing to $191.3 million compared to $190.6 million a year ago. Annual revenue was also up only 1 percent to $759.9 million based mainly on "continued growth of the division's cable modem and telephone revenues," a company news release stated.

As with other MSOs, the Post Co. lost 20,573 basic subscribers and gained 75,995 Internet and telephony subscribers. Unlike other cable operators, it lost 3,778 digital subscribers.

Business was a little better in the broadcast TV division where an improved advertising climate led to 28 percent more revenue at $102.9 million and operating income that was up 56 percent to $54.3 million in the fourth quarter. Overall, broadcasting revenue was up 25 percent during the year to $342.2 million. There was no mention made of retransmission fees contributing to this increase.

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