Cable operators refuse Verizon TV commercial

Having received unanimous approval for system-wide franchise process in New Jersey, Verizon NJ is now publicly complaining that Comcast and Time Warner are unwilling to accept its paid 30-second TV commercial titled "CPI," while Cablevision did not respond to its emails seeking placement. The ad states that since 2001 cable prices have increased four times as much as the CPI (Consumer Price Index); while prices in some industries have actually gone down, cable rates have risen 86 percent since 1995.

Verizon claims that the cable operators are restricting the choice for consumers and slowing competition in New Jersey. Recently, the carrier also conducted a poll and found that 77 percent of New Jersey respondents support updating the franchising law and want choice. Verizon has pointed out that when it brings FiOS TV to market, cable operators slash rates at an average of 15 percent or more. Verizon is now considering running the spot on broadcast TV stations in New York and Philadelphia. The operator serves 526 communities and has announced FTTP networks in 123 communities in New Jersey, its home base. It seems that the carrier will aggressively take the TV home in its important market and leave no stone unturned to stake its claim to consumers.

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PLUS: Councils in Bellefonte, Delaware City and Odessa in New Castle County, DE, with 3,000 potential new customers, unanimously voted to grant Verizon FiOS TV franchises. Release

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